Mary P My husband and I were trying to get pregnant since four years ago when I deliver my son who is now 4 years old. I never thought it was going to be so difficult to get pregnant again. After having 2 miscarriages I decided to go to a fertility specialist. I went under fertility drugs and four inseminations when we decided to try for an IVF. I did 3 IVF with very poor results. Just a few eggs to implant or no eggs at all. The doctor said my only problem was related to the poor quality of the eggs I have due to my age; 41 years old. After that 3rd IVF ... At my first appointment with Jane I was convinced that acupuncture could help me. I consider Jane a truly expert. The knowledge she has and the way she understands every concern is remarkable. Also she has been giving me advises about nutrition and life style since the beginning of the treatment. I had weekly treatments and I could see the wonderful changes the acupuncture and herbs were doing to my body. We decided to have IVF number four. I had seventeen eggs ... I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and I will deliver our baby girl at 43 years old. For any couple going through infertility, I would strongly recommend that you consider acupuncture and herbs at Jane's clinic.
- M. P.

Martha Y.After trying to conceive for 9 months I found myself looking for alternative assistance. After 6 weeks of acupuncture treatment from Dr. Liu I became pregnant. Dr. Liu treats not only the physical maladies but also provides much needed emotional and mental support. Her personal attention is apparent in the first visit. While initially my knowledge about acupuncture was very limited, I quickly learned what 5,000 years of practice has proven. Dr. Liu takes pulls together thousands of years of learning to treat your mind, body and spirit. We are now 29 weeks pregnant and looking forward to a happy, healthy son! Thanks Dr. Liu!
- - Nicole


Martha Y. In 2007, When I moved from Georgia to Pennsylvania, My Chinese Acupuncturist doctor referred me to Dr. Jane Liu for follow up of my very early pregnancy, Dr. Liu help me with acupuncture to keep a regular hormones balance and avoid any new miscarriage. After 4 years of miscarriage and infertility I was finally able to give birth to a healthy baby. Dr. Liu also help easing the pain I felt because of cramps during the pregnancy ( I had a placenta previa) with acupuncture.

In 2009, when I tried to conceive another pregnancy nothing happened. I went back to Dr. Liu. This time she treated me fully with both Chinese herbs treatment and acupuncture. After 3 months of treatment I conceived again, Dr. Liu treated me all along my pregnancy to stop the cramps I suffered from. Acupuncture is a fast relief from such pain.

At the maternity I was unfortunate enough to get Singles. Not knowing and suffering I went to Dr Liu who diagnosed me and treated me with Acupuncture against the pain. Breast-feeding my baby conventional doctors could not prescribe efficient treatment; Dr. Liu gave me some herbs to boost my immune system a little more.
- Sylvia P.

Martha Y. After almost months two years of trying to have a baby and experiencing several failed infertility procedures, my husband and I felt such despair. Everything we were being told and reading was so negative for a woman who was approaching 40 with slightly elevated FSH and a below average response to infertility drugs. I also had been to a few infertility clinics and found that they were overburdened with patients and could not invest the time or energy to customize an infertility protocol for me. In addition, to the stress of infertility, I was also going to be denied future infertility treatments by my insurance provider.

I started researching acupuncture and herbs. I had read Randine Lewis's book "The Infertility Cure" which truly inspired me. I had also read several encouraging articles. In my search for an acupuncturist, I also recognized early on the importance of herbs, but was a bit hesitant. Then I found Li's website, noting that Li several years of acupuncture experience, had trained for several years in China, was a licensed a herbalist. When we met, I knew instantly that she was dedicated to her profession and to her patients.

Li gave my husband and I hope, listened to me, and invested the time and energy to customize the herbs and acupuncture sessions to address my deficiencies. When I would become impatient or discouraged with the doctor diagnoses, Li encouraged me to continue treatment and we built a relationship of mutual trust and respect. She also generously offered to treat my husband to improve my chances of pregnancy. After 8 additional months of acupuncture treatments and daily herbal supplement, we were successful.

Miraculously, on New Year's Eve 2004, I had a positive pregnancy test. Li was so excited for us. We continued to go for acupuncture treatments to prevent miscarriage and delivered a healthy, beautiful, baby girl in August of 2005. My husband and I are so grateful to Li for her support and dedication to make our dream for a child a reality. We couldn't be happier.

I have also recommended Li to several infertile couples who have become pregnant and will or have delivered healthy babies. Some have miscarried or not achieved pregnancy yet, but I think that everyone that has been treated by Li knows that she gave her best effort and was truly dedicated to each of them. My baby girl is now 5 months old. I will be 41 years old soon. I am not afraid or discouraged and I plan to begin treatment again this month in the hope that we will have another child. She is thoughtful about her treatments, and she addresses many physical and psychological issues as she treats you. I am pleased with the results of the facial acupuncture. I would highly recommend Dr. Zheng for facial rejuvenation acupuncture or for general acupuncture. She is a most caring and competent clinician.
- A. D.

Martha Y. Dr. Wen is a kind, caring individual who I can tell is deeply invested in helping me maintain my health and well-being.

I appreciate his extensive knowledge and my questions, no matter how complex, never go unanswered.

With his care and guidance, I got pregnant on the first try.

Martha Y. After being told that my fibroids were untreatable, Dr. Wen did the impossible. He shrunk a 6 cm fibroid down to nothing and destroyed a 3cm cyst on my ovary. I now have much less pain and abnormal bleeding during menstruation. Dr. Wen has given me new hope in my current and future health.