Skuola Screenshot Piece My husband and I were trying to get pregnant since four years ago when I deliver my son who is now 4 years old. I never thought it was going to be so difficult to get pregnant again. After having 2 miscarriages I decided to go to a fertility specialist. I went under fertility drugs and four inseminations when we decided to try for an IVF. I did 3 IVF with very poor results. Just a few eggs to implant or no eggs at all. The doctor said my only problem was related to the poor quality of the eggs I have due to my age; 41 years old. After that 3rd IVF ... At my first appointment with Jane I was convinced that acupuncture could help me. I consider Jane a truly expert. The knowledge she has and the way she understands every concern is remarkable. Also she has been giving me advises about nutrition and life style since the beginning of the treatment. I had weekly treatments and I could see the wonderful changes the acupuncture and herbs were doing to my body. We decided to have IVF number four. I had seventeen eggs ... I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and I will deliver our baby girl at 43 years old. For any couple going through infertility, I would strongly recommend that you consider acupuncture and herbs at Jane's clinic.
- Mary P.

The Music Magazine Screenshot PieceTomorrow my family will gather around a turkey and give thanks for a miracle you made possible - Madeline. "Thank you" doesn't feel like enough but it's all I know. Thank you for making me a mom!
- - S. P.


We are four acupuncturists from four states. The same background and passion for infertility treatment have brought us together. Despite the distance between us, our frequent phone conference and visits to each other’s office allow us to share our experiences of success and insights on difficult cases. So when you see one acupuncturist, your treatment plan is formed through the combined knowledge and experiences of four exceptional acupuncturists. Needless to say, our combined medical expertise will enable us to give you better results. We specialize in using Chinese herbal medicine and natural food therapy along with acupuncture for a natural infertility treatment. Whether you just embarked on your journey to fertility or you are already undergoing procedures to treat infertility, we are here to apply this ancient Eastern healing art to help you reach your dream – becoming a mother.