Dr. Li Zheng

Dr. Jane Liu

  • Graduate of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the most prestigious institution of traditional Chinese medicine in China.
  • Five-year residence training in the hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in neurology, cardiology, nephrology, pneumology, lemology, gastrointestinology, gynecology, and surgery of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Three-year apprenticeship with Dr. Zhao Shaoqin, a world-recognized practitioner of Chinese medicine, the son of the president of the Imperial Hospital of the Qing Dynasty of China.
  • Ph.D. trained in neuroscience at the Medical College of Ohio.
  • Professor and clinical supervisor of New England School of Acupuncture.
  • acupuncturist in Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Researcher in the Dept. of Anesthesia in Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • Has practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine since 1987.
  • Acupuncturist in Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Author of the book acupuncture and hormone balance